Colin Dovey

colin_headshot[1]Colin first started Salsa classes because the girl he was interested in at the time told him that to be with her he had to learn to dance! Well the girl is long gone, but the Salsa proved to be so much fun that Colin is hooked…. completely.

As to the moves…. well, Colin feels it’s so cool tying you and your partner up in knots and then resolving the tangle in such an elegant manner.

For Colin Salsa is fun, energetic and the people at Keen Dance (The team and the students) are really nice!

Helen Edwards

helen_headshot[1]Helen fell in love with Salsa when she and her partner went to the Club Tropicana in Cuba and saw the wonderful displays of Salsa by the local Cubans.

When they got home Helen and her partner decided to learn to dance Salsa so that when they go back to Cuba they will be able to join in on the dance floor.

Heidi Liechti

heidi_headshot[1]Heidi loves to dance and meet people. She started dancing with Keen Dance during the Salisbury Salsa classes that Keen Dance ran as part of the 2007 Salisbury Festival and has never looked back!

Linda Baranyaiova

linda_headshot[1]Linda started Salsa because when she was young she loved dancing, but there weren’t any classes near her town. So, she only danced in front of the mirror!

Then she came to England and heard that there was Salsa going on where she lived. She decided to come along and give it a try and is very glad that she did. Now she is able to say “I can dance”!

Miguel Pareja

miguel_headshot[1]I began to dance while living in Latin America. There I could learn the different rythms of latin music and feel them in a very natural way. Dancing makes me improve my coordination, resistance and will: it is like going to the gym but much more fun and it allows me to meet a lot of interesting people, not only during class time but also in many Salsa Clubs you may find all over Britain and the world.

Dancing is the best complement to any party I set up and everybody likes it! I really love dancing and I think there is no better way to share with your partner.

Nur Frings

nur_headshot[1]After a very long break from partner dancing Nur decided to look for an opportunity to get herself moving again. She found the Keen Dance Saturday Workshop and was instantly hooked on the music and the latin style of dancing.

Since then Nur has been attending the Wednesday evening Salsa classes whenever possible. She says it’s fun, relaxing and a great way to meet lots of interesting people.

Rob Reeve

rob_headshot[1]Apparently he claims to have been dragged “kicking and screaming” to his first Salsa lesson by some friends. He quickly realised that it wasn’t all that bad and kept going.

Since then Rob has never looked back.

Sue Landon

SUE LANDON After many years of classical ballet dancing, teaching and choreographing, Sue took a long break from teaching, but kept her passion for dance. Then she discovered Bollywood and was immediately hooked:

Bollywood is a wonderful ice breaker! It is also a storytelling dance experience full of fun and drama – Indian style. As a group we share ideas on interpretations of the music in movements which make us fit, laugh and make new friends.


Suzanne Richardson


Suzanne began Salsa at Keen Dance with a group of friends over 2 years ago now and still loves going every week. Suzanne found that her training in more classical dance styles from when she was younger put her in good stead to pick up the moves. She finds Salsa at to be great fun, sociable and keeps her much more fit than going to the gym! Suzanne loves Latin music and of the Latin dance styles particularly likes La Rueda which gets everyone up and dancing!

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